Hi everybody!

BOOTY…..This Monday we will be meeting at the Golf Club car park at 5.30pm and 6.30pm.        6.30pm clients, wait for us, we will be on our way back to the Golfys, we will try not to be late!       If you have any spare 8kg kettle bells, please bring in your car :) Wed 6.30pm is at Vic Park with Jason.


BODY TONING/CLEAN EATING…… 6am programme is now fully booked out, thank you for your support! This new programme is the only programme we have that includes education on eating properly! I look forward to continuing this in the New Year:) Anyone interested in this in the evenings on Mondays in 2015 ?? It will still be outdoor training (Booty) but includes your meal plan and body compositions etc, email me if this is for you!?

PILATES…….Reformer this week will include some lovely stretches! Have a look at Kirsten doing a hamstring stretch – we all need to do this one!  After utilising resistance bands last week, Instructor Jo  will be teaching her regular repertoire of Mat exercises this coming week, be prepared for a mixture of pleasure and pain! …… A huge welcome to our newest Pilates Instructor, Tracey Goldman, who is now teaching Reformer Pilates every Thursday evening and doing a fantastic job. Thank you for your positive feedback on Tracey! I pride myself on selecting clients who in my estimation will make great instructors (Jo, Angie and Tracey) and will assist me in keeping my clients happy and my business reputation intact :))

TBarre……as usual we will be targeting all over your body! I am thinking this programme is surely the most painful of all of our programmes!?

STEP….. hope you enjoyed your 80s Aerobic intervals last week? Such a good workout! Back to “Basic Moves” this week :)

SATURDAY SIZZLE…..we are loving our end of week calorie burn every Saturday morning! If you would like to get a few Saturday workouts in before Xmas, please email ptbykaren@live.com.au and we will organise a schedule for you :)

SCONE & DENMAN CLIENTS…..Angie’s Mat Pilates Pre Xmas programmes commenced this week! Thankyou for your bookings and a huge thank you to our new Denman clients for your support. You are going to love Pilates!! We started our new Tuesday 9.30am Reformer sessions this week too……so much going on!—– we are so happy everybody is embracing Pilates!

SINGLETON CLIENTS…..our Body Toning girls did a great job with 8 minute circuit rounds last night. A bit of groaning, but lots of smiles- well done!                                                                                                We had our first session of the Pre Xmas Mat Pilates on Wednesday night, welcome to our newbies!

***Our first Scone and Singleton clients have only just completed their initial 8 week programme and are already looking very proficient in technique and abdominal endurance :)))

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