Joanna demonstrating side leg lifts

Most of this non impact "CORE" workout is performed on your mat in varying body positions - this programme concentrates  on stabilising and strengthening your core muscles (pelvic floor, deep abdominals and lower back), correcting poor posture, aligning and balancing your muscles and then working your entire body from your deep abdominal muscles. You will learn how to breathe correctly and relax your mind (without getting all spiritual!).


This programme is for EVERYBODY, whether you have chronic medical conditions, are athletic or just looking to work your body 'intelligently’. It is very different to all other exercise formats and thats why we love it! It is a toning, non impact, strengthening, low cardio, stretching, relaxing workout.


All levels are catered for and it is a fantastic place to start if you are returning to exercise, new to exercise, have musculo-skeletal problems, pregnant, postnatal, can be used to ‘cross train’ with your other sports/acivities OR if you just want to escape your busy life!

Our Instructors are certified Studio Pilates International Instructors which means you will experience the REAL Pilates method. A Doctor/Physiotherapist 'Clearance To Exercise' documentation may be requested from some clients.


 **** Our MUSWELLBROOK Pilates Mat sessions are included in your PREMIUM membership.

*We also have 10 week MAT PILATES programmes all year around in Muswellbrook and Singleton!