Di has lost 7kg on Karen's Online Body Transformation Programme

"Total loss 7kg, Chest 6cm, Waist 10cm, Hips 5cm, Thigh 3cm, Arm 3cm. I'm feeling very happy with the last 8 weeks! I am sooo pleased my daughter Kiera reintroduced me to you Karen, as it was her who told me about your BODY TRANSFORMATION program, the mindset to do the right thing by my body with exercise & pushing that little harder meeting my own personal goals ( like jogging again & actually enjoying how good it feels ... I was even smiling as I was jogging the other day 😁 ), fuelling my body with healthier options, also enjoying reading everyone else's achievements online during the challenge.

Thankyou all on Level 1 BT👏🏻 👏🏻

My gratitude to you Karen and your exercise Instructors Ange, Tracey & Donna for all the support & encouragement along the way 😉"