Glenelly Chapman

Glenelly Chapman is CONSISTENT, determined to stay healthy but most important of all, she chooses to exercise with us most days as she loves our company and we love hers!

"Its been 3 years since i joined "PT by Karen"and this is my 3rd clean eating program. Not only have i lost kilos and cm's, i have gained confidence and my fitness level is increasing all the time.

Im still not good at the running thing but Rome wasn't built in a day lol. I am feeling so much healthier and my medical issue is under control due to my choice to clean eat. I would like to thank karen for your support, i appreciate it so much.

Also i would like to thank Donna and Tracey for their support as well.????Most importantly to the 2 most important people in my life my husband and son.

Thank you.???? again Karen."