Tim has just completed our 8 week pre Xmas BODY TRANSFORMATION healthy lifestyle programme with great results.

He has dropped 11.8kgs AND 9.5cm from around his waist.

Tim became a PREMIUM member back in May when he started with our Pilates Reformer sessions for back rehabilitation.

I have watched Tim become stronger as each week went by - his work ethic is inspiring! A 4 min strict plank is not a problem for him now.

Also included in Tim's workout schedule at "PT by Karen" is Boxing, Bootcamp, TRX, HIRT and circuits. He has gone from just Reformer, got strong and is now doing all of these sessions!

From Tim........

"To say I am chuffed is an understatement! I was apprehensive to start with but with Karen's guidance, I was quickly made to feel comfortable with my health choices. PLATINUM is a great mental experiment, my confidence has increased for the first time that I can remember! I am now wearing size L instead of 3-4 XL (from my past). I laughed at Karen when she suggested that I needed smaller size clothes????""