Anoushka now knows how to stay lean and fit without living like a nun!!!
Anoushka Colquhoun has actually toned up even more since doing Pilates every week. Love that healthy body!!!x

If you want to become a leaner, meaner version of yourself, if you want to be more confident and feel happy.....

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"I've done Karens Clean Eating program 3 times now and what can I say, it works!
After having completed the first 2 programs 2 years ago, I have now lost a total of 9kg, 10.5cm off my waist and 7cm off my hips.
I've since lost more by keeping up with regular weekly classes and eating healthy where I can. I still incorporate the meals that I got from the programs.

It's not easy! Being a cake/chocolate/Lolly lover I found those first few weeks hard!
But you'll be better for doing it and the results are sooo worth it! I've honestly never felt better, healthier or fitter than what I do now, and it all started with Karen's Clean Eating program.
Definitely give it a go!!"